Poseidon is located 150 meters from a wide sandy beach and in the center of Rewal. The quiet area, beautiful beach, clean water, and air saturated with the scent of resin are reasons to choose our property as a place for your rest. After the season, we invite you for long walks, bike rides along the deserted beach, or through forest paths.

Viewing terrace in Rewal

The viewing promenade in Rewal is a terrace that extends deep into the beach. This is where tourists gather to watch and relax by the sea. Along the promenade, a recreational square has also been developed, complete with numerous gift shops.

Retro train

One of the attractions of the Rewal coast has been, is, and will continue to be the narrow-gauge railway. The seaside narrow-gauge railway is well over 100 years old. The historic steam engine and old carriages add charm to the route running through the resorts of Pomerania.

Lighthouse in Niechorze

The Niechorze Lighthouse – built over 130 years ago, whose light can still be seen from a distance of 36 km. Numerous events take place in the field at the foot of the lighthouse, including stage performances.

Fishing Museum

The Fishing Museum is a museum dedicated to the exhibitions of Baltic fishing, showcasing the specifics of the fisherman’s profession and presenting a segment of Pomeranian culture. The museum is located along the main walking route of Niechorze.

Ruins of the Church in Trzęsacz

Located 3 km from Rewal are the unique remains of the walls of a Gothic church from the turn of the 14th/15th century. The church was originally built 2 km from the shore, but now only one wall remains, standing right on the edge of the sea.


Between Rewal and Trzęsacz, there is a fantastic spot for paragliding. It’s an open cliff edge, from which, with favorable winds from the sea, one can observe or try their hand at paragliding.